Pia Byron MA, MS, AMFT

What's it like to be you?

What forms your identity and how you know yourself?

How do you use this to relate to your partner, or to friends and family?

What do you know about your reactions and your behaviors?

Throughout our lives,

we all have experiences from which we've learned, absorbed and now reiterate certain proclamations about “who I am

and also “who I can’t be."

When we buy into these beliefs, we limit ourselves in how we live life.

These also often appear in the dynamics of a couple who yearn for more connection or attunement. 


Is there something else you want?

How would you like to grow with your partner?

For many individuals and couples, this work

stimulates and supports feelings of empowerment,

enables you to influence your own feelings and actions,

manage internal and external stress,

and act from a renewed and untapped capacity.

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