Pia Byron 


Somatic Therapy


Throughout our lives,

we all have experiences from which we've learned, absorbed and now reiterate certain proclamations about “who I am

and also “who I can’t be." 

What is it like to be you? 

What forms your own identity?

How do you use this to relate to others?

What do you know about your reactions and your behaviors?

When our familiar ways have turned into unintentional reflexes – 

"I just can't help it..." –

we feel stuck, tired, stressed, frustrated or worried.

Feeling swept away by our responses to others can feel disempowering,

feeling overwhelmed by our environment can thwart our sense of choice and potential.


Is there something else you want?

How would you like to grow?

This work is an education in yourself and

a renewal in a sense of your own untapped capacity.

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Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #105262

Supervised by Aaron Hagaman, LMFT #52152