“We think we tell stories, but stories often tell us,

tell us to love or to hate, to see or to be blind. 

Often, too often, stories saddle us,

ride us, whip us onward, 

tell us what to do, and we do it without questioning.” 

— Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby

Therapy for Individuals

My areas of specialty include:

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Sadness, Grief

  • Overwhelm

  • Life Changes, Mid-Life Issues

  • Work and Career Issues or Transitions

  • Relationships

  • Communication, Assertiveness, Boundaries

  • Self-Esteem, Self-Judgment and Criticism

  • Personal Growth

Getting Started

Email me at piabyron@mindfulcenter.org or call 415-604-4848 

and leave a message with your number

and a few good times to reach you.


I'll call you and we can discuss your interest in therapy.


We can go over scheduling, fee, insurance

(I do not accept insurance, but can furnish you with

an invoice if your insurance provides reimbursements),

and other questions you might have. 

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My Approach To Somatic Therapy

Somatics refers to discerning the human experience in terms of both the mental and the bodily, ideas and sensations.

Getting to know yourself somatically is key to understanding yourself, learning compassionately about your patterns, 

and embarking on new possibilities.

I'll work with you to inquire about your beliefs and actions from a somatic perspective. We'll explore questions like:

How are you influencing your life with your embodied attitudes?

Your embodied attitude generates certain patterns,

and impacts your own experience and personal beliefs.

How do you respond to various experiences in your life -- 

to wanting; trying something for the first time; to waiting; frustrations; 

to uncertainty; transitions; to startle; unexpected circumstances;

to disappointment; and endings?

Your body's sensations (of which you may not yet be aware)

are distinct to you 

and are indicators of your expectations, as well as how you respond to your life's encounters.


What happens in both your thinking and body pattern?

This encompasses how you're approaching the world in your daily life

and how your somatic responses spark your life choices.​​

My approach is to work together to recognize your own unique answers to these questions.

Furthermore, do these experiences satisfy you? Do your actions satisfy you? 

Or do you want to manage yourself differently and have more choice in the way you respond?

From this foundation, we can introduce small but significant changes to your familiar patterns –

and discover new possibilities.

I'll guide you to engage in these possibilities in your life

and help you discover what you are capable of actively practicing and growing.

​I work in the somatic context to make connections between human ideas and our body's sensations.

For many, this self-knowledge stimulates and supports feelings of empowerment,

as well as enables you to influence your own feelings, manage stress and act from your own agency.

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